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Regular use of extra virgin olive oil is an essential part of a healthy nutrition program...


Olive oil is high in mono-unsaturated fatty acids and also contains a variety of valuable anti-oxidants, which prove beneficial in combatting many health problems including some types of cancer and various degenerative effects of ageing on the body's tissues, caused by oxidation in our body. There are more than 40 phenolic anti-oxidants in olive oil that have been identified so far and some of these, like Oleuropein, are unique to olive oil. Regular consumption of extra virgin olive oil also increases HDL's, the so called ‘good-cholesterol', and reduces the risk of heart disease. These benefits are derived from the olive oil's effect on reducing arterio-sclerosis in the coronary arteries and anti-inflammatory effects. Olive oil is a major fundamental ingredient in the ‘Mediterranean Diet', which is known to play a protective role against certain types of cancer. Findings of several studies on this topic show a reduction in mortality of 17% to 31%, depending on the populations assessed. No wonder Olive oil is referred to as ‘The Good Oil'.

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